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Crimson Stressed Cuff Watch with Stitching, Eyelets & Snaps

2.75" Cuff / Crimson Stressed Cuff / Crimson Cuff Edges / Black Straps / Crimson Underside / Brass Eyelets / Brass Snaps / Black Stitching / Black Etched Cuff / 38mm Alloy Watch

The cuff is dyed Crimson Stressed and is shown with a Crimson underside and the straps are dyed black. The cuff is shown with black etching on the cuff, brass eyelets and a hand stitched cuff (black stitching shown). This cuff is entirely handmade from high quality veg-tanned leather. I hand-dye each individual cuff watch before finishing, polishing and packaging each one.  Available in 2", 2.25" and 2.5", 2.75" and 3". Please measure your wrist accurately to avoid resizing issues.