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I got the wristband you made for me and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it.  I have been pleased with all the products I have ordered from you over the years!  The band fits perfectly, I am happy for the overlap which I requested and you provided, and the unique color (red and black) make the band even more special.  Keep up your high standard of work and I will be doing business with you again!  Stay  safe!

- Ray S.



I got the cuffs the other day. Dude, they’re so killer! Thanks! Great work!

- Greg



Thanks again for the killer work that you do. Very happy with both of the cuffs that you made for me. In a world where quality can be an issue, your craftsmanship is amazing and the customer service is always great. Will most definitely be reaching out for more in the future. Thanks again!
- Jesse 



You didn't mention to me how SERIOUSLY F##$%#$G AWESOME this watch cuff was going to be!!! This sucker is burly as hell!!! I love it!! I'm blown away! Hit it out of the park, my friend. Had to write and let you know.  Great work.
- Matt 



Good Evening... I just wanted to say that I received my shipment today, and I am WELL PLEASED with my new purchase.  Your CRAFTSMANSHIP is EXQUISITE, and I thank you for a job WELL DONE.  You will be hearing from me again as I will like to place another order with you for a second set of bands in the near future.  
Thank You (From A Very Satisfied Customer),
- Filous 



Just wanted to let you know that I received the dragon scale cuff and I must say, it is magnificent. A fine peice of craftmanship. The pattern is inlayed so nice and the colors are perfect. Works great with the smart watch too. Fine work indeed. 

- Kevin



Got the strap today. My 3rd from you and arguably the best one yet. You do nice work! Thanks

- Roland



Here is a pic for you. You did a great job making this. Here’s a $13k watch on your cuff!  Thanks and have a good one!  

- Greg


04/07/2018 - I love em Lee! Job well done, sir!

- Mike


09/06/2017 - Hi... Just got the second one. Another masterpiece!! Both my watches look a million dollars. Love your work!

- Thanks, Julian :) :) :)


08/14/2017 - Received the watch yesterday. It fits great and looks wicked sweet my dude. Thank you very much. Take care!


08/08/2017 - Hi... Just got it! It's magnificent!! The watch and wrist are perfect fits. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. Dealing with you has far exceeded my expectations. You are a champion!! Thanks again.

- Julian :) :) :)


07/31/2017 - I didn't see any Testimonials with an Apple Watch, so I thought I'd send mine!  The colours are perfect and all the haptic features work!!! =)

Thanks again y'all!  <3

- Nicola


03/03/2017 - It’s after 9:30 PM Friday evening and I only just now got a chance to finally sit down, open that box and see the watch for the first time. Holy #@$t it’s beautiful! The fit is perfect and it looks badass.  Thank you so much for a very beautiful, unbelievably cool watch. I’m definitely gonna have to order another one of these with a tan cuff at some point.

Also, really beautiful packaging. Nice job, man.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheers,

- Glenn


01/09/2017 - I sent my own Harley Davidson Emblem that was attached to a low quality band to have it attached to one that I customized.  Lee was very responsive and helpful.  The band turned out Great as expected!  I highly recommend Rockstar Leatherworks!  Great Job!!!

- Orland


I was completely blown away at the excellent customer service I received. They were quick to respond to any of my emails and made sure I got the best deal on shipping that I could. The product was made in a really timely manor and shipped quickly. The product itself was OUTSTANDING. Not exagerating I loved it. I purchased this as an anniversary gift and cannot wait to give it to my husband. You can tell it is excellent craftsmanship. The dye on the leather is so perfectly detailed it is beautiful. I give Rockstar Leatherworks a 10+ out of 10 They are worth every penny!! Thank you so much for this incredible product.

- Angelina


Just a line or two to let you know I received my leather bracelet.....grunge color with the brass buckles.  I love the color!  Wasn't sure what to expect but now I think I may need another one in the spring!  Thank you for your prompt and efficient work. You really seem to care about your customers and I truly appreciate that.  It's a very rare quality in this corporate world.

- Ray


Hey a couple of weeks ago I received my first Rockstar watch and have to say it’s amazing, I love it! I decided to order one with the watch to see how they are and it’s perfect. I’ll definitely be ordering more of these.


08/02/2015 - 
I'm only emailing you to say thank you and express that I am very pleased with wrist cuff I ordered.  The timely service and quality I received was no less than '5 star' business. I will be back very soon along with my friends who are also impressed.  Thank You


The item itself is amazing! A very fine piece of craftsmanship, the colors just as I pictured and all sizes are perfect!
Your customer service is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a high quality made watchband!
I can’t thank you guys enough for this wonderful watchband!
Thank you very much!

- Ben


04/24/2015 - A letter I received:


11/15/2015 - I love it! Makes my watch look 10 times better!.

- Nelson


07/20/2014 - Nice band, great quality.....I will be ordering again soon.

- Rick


I received my watch today and just wanted to say thank you! This watch is simply beautiful. A true work of art. Really pleased with the quality and craftsmanship.

- Ryan

Thank you for the update and I really appreciate your help. I have referred your website to several people throughout this last year or two and will continue to refer business to you. The quality of your products and the customer service you offer are outstanding. It's a pleasure doing business with an exceptional company.  Thank you! 


- Patrick


03/30/2014- Had to write a review 'cause this place is the best at custom cuff watches. I ordered a custom Drake style, Bison Brown (which comes off looking slightly stressed due to the color), w/ a timber underside. At first The underside dye I ordered didn't seem right to me, so I e-mailed rockstar and Lee was patient, helpful, and communicative. I mailed it back and he redid it for me! Not only did I get a great looking watch, but I got great customer service! I just wore it today and received a complement by the girl who was cutting my hair. Definitely recommend!

- AJ


03/29/2014 - Hands down the most awesome watch I've ever seen. I was a little dubious as I stumbled across the site on google looking for a cuff watch, my main concerns being the fit and not being able to see it in person before buying.
I decided to go for it after reading the testimonials which is why I'm leaving one, the craftsmanship and quality are superb and I will definitely buy from Rockstar again. The service was also perfect, with contact at every step of the process. 
Oh and it fits perfectly, I ordered the buckle as I thought It would allow a little more lea way on size but I would have no problem trusting the sizing now.
Officially approved from London England!

- Duncan


Just received my watch and I absolutely LOVE it. I cant wait till i can order more stuff! Highly recommend.

- Shane

Great watch, Very comfortable and looks good. Would recommend!!!

- Thom

09/24/2013 - Just received my new watch and I couldn't  be happier. Looks better than I thought it would.  The craftsmanship is superb. Will definitely by from Rockstar again!!

- Chris

09/4/2013 - I was worried about the measurements I took, but it looks great.

- Justin


I wanted to thank you for your awesome costumer service & your quality, they both have outstanding integrity... thanks again.
- John

04/28/2013 - I got my new watch this week and I was extremely impressed with how well it turned out. I will definitely recommend Rockstar Leatherworks to everyone who asks.

- Michael

Just received my custom watch today. Great work! Its exactly how i thought it would be, just awesome. 


- Dave


Just wanted to thank Rockstar Leatherworks for the awesome watch!!  Customer service is second to none!!

- Stacy

I just got my watch in the mail today and I love it.  It looks exactly like I pictured it.  I love the double buckle, it really sets it apart from the other watches.  thanks.

- Jennifer


First of all, I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your customer service. It's fantastic! The fact that I could communicate with you via email this easily and effectively to ensure that I get my order correct the first time is very unusual with online stores. It's even more unusual that you responded after business hours (I think it was actually Saturday morning). I was really stressed that I was requesting a second change, and that you wouldn't see it over the weekend. My stress was instantly gone when I saw your email. This kind of service really helps compensate for the fact that there is no way to see the watch in person before purchasing it. I realize that this kind of communication takes time, which equals money, but it's too bad more businesses are not like yours. I would recommend your site to anyone. Bravo!

- John


09/12/2012 - WOW! Rockstar you really hit a home run with this custom cuff watch band.  Above expectations. I will be placing another order soon.
All my biker friends and co-workers will know where I bought my cuff band for sure.

- W.M.Mullins

03/23/2012- Hey just got the cuff its fantastic and looks great with the watch. Here are some pictures of it all together.

Thanks a million


- Jon

08/25/2012- Received my watch today a week before expected and love it! Custom made just as I pictured it in my head.

- Travis


Hello. i just wanted to say thank you for making a replacement strap for me. it arrived at the end of a bad week for me. i was waiting for a email but instead the replacement strap turned up. thank you so very much. its replenished my faith in humanity again. i will be ordering new cuffs from you, and all my friends and relatives now know about you and i hope almost all of them will be in contact with your web site soon.

Honestly mate Thank you.

- Pete
I recently purchased a custom cuff watch and cuff bracelet and I couldn't be more happy with my order. The colors are excellent and the cuffs fit the wrist great (just follow their measurement guide and you can't go wrong). They have a plethora of options to fit your own personal style. Once I placed my order, I received emails from the customer service staff keeping me in the loop about the status of my custom pieces. Long and the short, I had a great experience with Rockstar and would definitely order merchandise from them again.

- Mike

I just wanted to leave a testimonial for you guys...WOW. This leather is thick, substantial, and the brown color with the rugged black rubbed in is AWESOME. My wife says it almost looks like wood. Very beautiful leather. The buckle on the back is very cool too. These watches are even more impressive in person. Thank you guys!!!

- Jeremy

Just received the 3" wide special order watch, I love it! You have a customer for life. Thanks again!

- Scott


I got my watch today. I just wanted to email you guys and tell you how happy I am with it. Killer quality, looks great. I plan to be doing business with you guys for quite awhile.

- Thanks, Mike

By the way, I was just able to give the custom leather cuff I bought a while back to Andy Vargas (lead singer of Santana) at a show last night. He "loved" it and put it on immediately! I'm sure a lot of other stars wear your stuff, but now you can add Andy Vargas to your list.
Thanks for the great work!

- Lisa

I've just received my order and I'm thrilled with it. I just wanted to say thank you for customizing the style i wanted and for the excellent communication during the order process. Also, thank you so much for the speedy way you processed the order. I'm really impressed with every aspect of your service. If you display feedback comments then you have my permission to cite me as one very happy overseas customer.

- Thank you, Sam L.