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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Apple adapters will not lock, what is the problem?

A: The silver center tab on the adapters should be facing downward. If they are, the next thing to check is the strap and spring bar. Sometimes the leather strap is a tad thick and won’t allow the adapter to seat fully and engage the lock. To solve this, remove the straps, remove the spring bar and bend it a little more and then the adapter should lock and seat. I do use curved spring bars but sometimes they need a little more curve to them.


Q: My tracking shows my order as delivered but I have not received it?

A: If you have tracking or delivery issues, you should contact your carrier or local Post office. There is nothing I can do once it’s in the mail other than provide a tracking number if you do not have it. For international packages, make sure you contact customs to see if it’s being held for duty and/or tariff fees that may be due.


Q: What is the difference between a "Drake", "Original" & "Premium" Watches?

A: The "Drakes" have an additional layer of leather hand stitched to the cuff. The "Originals" do not have the added layer. The "Premiums" feature stainless steel / sapphire / 10 ATM Rockstar Leatherworks™ brand watch faces.


Q: What is "watch diameter", "watch opening"?

A: These are measurements needed for your watch, in order to make a custom band for it. Please see the options menu from the main navigation on top.


Q: How do I attach my watch to the watch band I received?

A: First, put spring bars in between the ears of your watch face if there are not any already in place. Then remove the screw posts from the straps and feed the straps through the ears of your watch. Lastly, reattach each strap with the screw posts.


Q: The strap screws came loose, what can I do to prevent this?

A: Put a drop of lock tight or thread locker onto the screw before tightening it.


Q: What does "stressed" mean?

A: Its a style of dying, adding black edges, gradient dying, and creating a worn or aged look.


Q: What is tooling?

A: Tooling is the images, textures or patterns created onto the leather, created with tools by hand.


Q: What is etching, edges, closure and all the options to choose from on each product?

A: Please see the options menu from the main navigation on top. These are explained in detail on their corresponding page. You can also click on the tool tip question marks located near each drop down menu selection.


Q: Can you ship to my country?

A: Yes, I ship worldwide.


Q: Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

A: Yes, I ship to P.O. Boxes all the time within the USA. If you live in another country please check with your post office on size. The box outside dimensions are 4x4x4 (inches) or 5x5x5 (inches) for most orders. 


Q: Do you do engraving?

A: No, I do not engrave the metal.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: It depends upon the shipping you choose, just allow at least 3 business days to make your item. If I am running behind it can take up to 5businessdays to get your order completed and shipped.


Q: How do you change the battery? Change or replace battery instructions

A: You may send an an email and mail it to me and I’ll replace it.

B. Simply remove one or both of the screw posts from the top of each strap. Sometimes you may need to hold the backside with a pliers. When tightening the screws, adding a little thread locker or lock tight can prevent them from coming loose easily. Then pop the back plate off and put a battery in.


Q: My PayPal shipping address is wrong. Can you ship elsewhere?

A: Yes, just email me prior or after you place an order with the correct address.


Q: Do you have a store near me?

A: No, only online.


Q: Can you make a custom design that I want?

A: Yes, please see the custom requests.


Q: What should I do to keep my leather looking good?

A: Do not get it soaking wet, try to keep the leather out of water and condition and buff it from time to time with a good leather conditioner and it will stay looking good.


Q: Can you make a watch band for my watch face?

A: Yes, please see the custom watch bands link.


Q: My watch is running slow, what should I do?

A: Most often this is because of a dying or dead battery.


Q: Will you replace the watch face?

A: Yes I will replace the watch face as long as there are not any signs of abuse and it is within the warranty period.Save